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I made a little spreadsheet to combine the polls by @hafnia from the other day.

< 20 7.40%
20s 32.53%
30s 33.43%
40s 16.38%
50s 6.97%
60s 1.44%
70s 0.72%
80s+ 1.13%

.ods file:
Original polls: wandering.shop/@hafnia/1057383

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Hello all! In the interest of finding out how the Fedi skews, I want to run another age poll. Please pick the decade that you fall in (there are two polls; if you don't belong in the first, you may belong in the second).

Boosts welcome and encouraged!

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Something has been bothering me for a while (years, actually), and it's privacy related in the sense that someone can use a privacy concious search utility like Duck Duck Go or Startpage, and yet still only be handed the sanitized results that meet the objectives of the companies stealing the privacy of individuals in the first place.

It is a zero sum game - you're still packaged and quantified. You're still getting the results that you were bought and paid for in the first place.


* You affect a search for a hotel room in some town you plan to visit in a few days. Travelocity and like sites come up, but the bed and breakfast you probably would have chosen is buried on page four of the SERPS. They're also listed in one of the directory services on page one that, if they didn't already pay for, would leave their website buried in oblivion - even though booking directly would cost less than the megaopolis sites that extort them at the peril of being driven into bankruptcy, and never mind the money that they spent on SEO for their own website.

* You do a search for a plumber. That's local to you, right? And even though the plumber had a website, that too is buried under several pages of directory indexers like Yelp - even below their own GMB (Google My Business) page, which of course, is down in page two or three of the #SERPS. Big wealthy plumbing companies with marketing departments dominate Yelp anyway, add have dedicated staff to solicit ratings and okay the rank game with Yelp and other directories, so you never actually reach the vendors that you actually would have chosen.

They get fucked in the ass and so do you.

What if...

There was a #search_service that utilizes something like startpage or DDG , yet filtered out all of those big monolithic motherfuckers that are running the equivalent of modern day #protection_rackets, threatening to crush the Ma & Pa plumbers and motels and other small businesses that no matter what, never will appear on page one of a Google or Bing search?

What technology exists to build this, and how stable and effective might it be?

Your thoughts? Suggestions? Expertise in implementing such a fair and equitable service?

I'd really like to open a dialog about this. We have Nitter, and Yotter, and Invidious, and Bibliogram. These seem to address one aspect of how we are tossed into the chipper and then reconstituted as Soylent Green. It's freaking cannibalism, if you think about it.

So what initiatives, dialogs, discussions, or projects might we be able to deploy with the long range goal being the, #disruption_of_the_corruption as a viable solution?

#Please_boost, and I'm so very interested in hearing your input.

Thanks, and I guess that helps! :)


#tallship #Vger #FOSS #LibreSearch
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Flockingbird aims to be a decentralised FOSS social network for professionals, like a Fediverse version of LinkedIn. It's currently in development, you can follow at:

➡️ @flockingbird


➡️ @flockingbird (blog)

The project website is at flockingbird.social

#FlockingBird #FOSS #LinkedIn #Alternatives #Fediverse #Federated #Business #Professionals #Professional #SelfHosting #ActivityPub

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Migrating OSX to an SSD. After not using a Mac very often, you forget how elegant some of OSX is for otherwise painful tasks on other systems. Let's see if there is a speed increase and I get some inspiration to create music?

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Really, what I want to say here is shame on #Amandine_Le_Pape and #Matthew_Hodgson, the BDFLs and creators of Matrix, for even allowing #Element to be available in the Google Playstore - Is the Irony lost on you?

But I can't. I understand. Because it was, at the time, the only vehicle they could use to popularize Matrix.

But that time is passed, #Google, #Faceplant, #InstaSPAM, #Whassup , #Twatter, and many others are hemorrhaging profusely; exsanguination through the mass panicky evacuations of its userbase to some nobler, loftier, fairer and deserving places on the Internet, so don't fret folks, this is a sign of very good things bourne out of the Evil that are the monolithic silos that have stolen, packaged, inventoried, and distributed your identity and privacy.

These types of occurrences are merely the deadly grasping at straws, or anyone on the surface of the water who tries to reach out to these drowning, diabolical industries - make no mistake, they are the person drowning who will pull you down with them if you accept their apologies or peace offerings.

Go somewhere else away from them, don't worry, and be happy.

In the meantime, install #Element or #Schildechat at F-Droid and be done with any and all of those text and video chat systems that the evil silos gave you, like the witch, offering the poison apple.

Matrix does it all and respects your ultimate privacy in the process.

Matrix is used, and indeed its use is ebraced by the governments and military of #France and #Germany - BIG TIME, just one of those governments inked a deal with Matrix in the largest ever financial communications contract of its kind (Yes, EVER!).

It's also used by the U.S. Government - because they need to have that which they seek to deny you.... Complete and total privacy in private, #encrypted #communications.

Here are the stated beliefs which form the principles upon which #Matrix is founded. ***I too, believe in these things***:

We believe:

* People should have full control over their own communication.
* People should not be locked into centralized communication silos, but instead be free to pick who they choose to host their communication without limiting who they can reach.
* The ability to converse securely and privately is a basic human right.
* Communication should be available to everyone as a free and open, unencumbered, standard and global network.

So, when you #believe in perverse, subversive ideals such as those, well.... Of course they're going to #cancel_culture you and do their best to #deplatform you Just like all of the others recently, and this my friends, this is how a paradigmatic shift in culture is spawned.


Google no can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

#tallship #Vger #privacy #security #encryption

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Blocking off the favourite path in a lockdown.

May your golf course be destroyed by a million moles and may your favourite golf club emerge from the caddy as bent as a banana.

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Hot desking at home 2021.

He has really insisted on helping all morning.

I attended a remote court hearing which thankfully was not by camera as I'm probably the first person to obtain a warrant whilst dressed in a Malaprop the Younger t-shirt.

Peculiar days indeed.

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