Anyone understand how Pixelfed federates between instances? My instance seems to be working ok but no idea if it can link up with others?


I had a similar thought. My setup is cobbled together from the work of HomelabOs which is an ansible/docker deployment on a Linux server. I have several Fediverse Docker apps running through this method and you can even route it through a Wireguard based bastion on a cheap Digital Ocean droplet if you wanted to self host it. Vivumlab is a fork from HomelabOs and they will have Mastodon and Hubzilla. Pixelfed and Peertube I have working but are not novice friendly.

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Crazy idea #2 : (by crazy, I mean that I am not actually likely to start such a project on my own)

How about a #linux distro dedicated to self hosting and federated services, such as #Nextcloud, #Mastodon or #Matrix / #XMPP with a focus on average non-tech-savy users.

It should come with packages so that getting your instances up and running is as easy as `apt install [...]` ang going through easy and intuitive configuration wizards with detailed steps for DNS registration, port fwd et al.

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Hello @ChrisWere

just watched your PeerTube video:

@imattau made the brilliant suggestion to interview the people behind interesting Fediverse accounts and app devs.

+1 from me.

#Fediverse #PeerTube

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Conspiracy theorists were yeeted by security out of a hospital in #Colchester, North #Essex, after taking photographs of empty corridors in outpatients claiming the "hospital isn't in crisis" - its normal practice to keep corridors well clear for safety reasons, and even more so during a pandemic - also photography in a hospital has always been forbidden without authorisation to protect patient privacy (this predates GDPR or the Covid 19 emergency)

I'm still Bumblebee but I had a server re-built and blitzed the old setup.

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