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I'm on Pixelfed Social - A compromise to getting my own server instance as I'm not getting a usable Traefik setup just yet.

Early days but there are certainly enough talented people on this instance to consider it a viable move from Instagram at some point. I like the idea of it.

Is there a Traefik label:


I'm just not winning.

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Lemmy Links would of suited as well. Play on of Lemmywinks. :cate:

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Every horror of technological "progress" has been regretted by its inventors. The problem is that the Oppenheimers typically wait until AFTER the mushroom cloud is rising on the horizon to express their doubts.

We need earlybird Oppenheimers! Even during the pandemic, Facebookers can walk into amazing, high-paid work at a variety of firms. They don't even need to choose between their families' groceries and their conscience.


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Los Shakers: Shakers for You

Uruguay Beatles, this was their "Rubber Soul" melodically they are superb and they nailed a very close Abbey Road sound and some glorious bass playing worthy of McCartney. Great re-issue Guerssen. That's how you do things properly.

Los Shakers; Uraguay's Beatles. First vinyl reissue of this 1968 gem. A Latin Sgt. Pepper.
Superbly mastered too.

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I don't know if this is the norm but I've had more issues with Windows than I have on literally any Linux distribution.


SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

I'm running a Traefik 2 setup here

everything is working apart from image uploads (pictrs) - I have permissions set 991 as described in the setup and I get this Syntax error.

Any clues?

Great project by the way.

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Holy shit this project is amazing:

Daniel Temkin's Straightened Trees

/ via Cory Doctorow @pluralistic

Small object of joy: Tiny 5W guitar amp head - crystal clear and full of character (Fender Tweed style) through a 10" cab but at mostly neighbor friendly volume.

- still defeating me. so close but 414 errors? (Laravel?)

Anyone using ? Curious self-hosted Reddit-a-like.
Still early beans but looks like a fun project.

An evening of being slightly more grown up and getting the Restic backups to work properly on assembling a bookstack for various quirks and fixes. Anyone using then wave hello.

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Well, another morning trying to hammer out a usable docker configuration.. It's an odd one but still not working. Any hints?

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