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Hot desking at home 2021.

He has really insisted on helping all morning.

I attended a remote court hearing which thankfully was not by camera as I'm probably the first person to obtain a warrant whilst dressed in a Malaprop the Younger t-shirt.

Peculiar days indeed.

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Mastodon uses the same technical standards as many other alternative social networks, so people on one network can follow people on others. This "network of networks" is called the Fediverse :fediverse:

✅ You can follow people from other parts of the Fediverse just like you would follow any Mastodon account!

Try it out for yourself:

@jett1oeil is an account on Instagram alternative PixelFed

@chriswere is an account on YouTube alternative PeerTube

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

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📊 New #rstats package for #COVID19 hospitalisation #data in #England includes estimated mapping between #NHS Trusts and local authorities - handy for matching up COVID-19 data at different scales e.g. admissions by local authority.

Dr. Sophie Meakin


#science #opendata #openscience #statistics

@eggbean Explore slowly and start following what interests you. It can take a while to start populating the feeds with more stuff relevant to you.

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We got Mixxx working with LV2 plugins from PawPaw (@falktx) and musical key detection with libkeyfinder on Windows using our new build environment made with vcpkg! It took a team effort of a month of hard work but the ease of maintenance has already paid off. Our old process used a 6 year old pile of Windows batch scripts and it took our own server 36 hours to build all the dependencies. With binary caching on Azure Artifacts, it now takes 25 minutes to update a single library on GitHub Actions.

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The idea of a distributed social media landscape may seem unlikely but consider how heartily sick the public has become with the big platforms' moderation choices (both what they moderate and what they don't).

And also how unlikely it is that the platforms will ever be able to make the kinds of situational calls about acceptable and unacceptable speech for each country, community and context.


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Indeed, if things are so dire, why are any of us even sticking around? The problem is:

* Network effects (the more people there are on a platform, the more reason there is to join)

* High switching costs (if you leave, you give up all those people)

And those lead to:

* Lock in (you don't leave because you don't want to give up everyone else, and they don't leave for the same reason - we're all holding each other hostage)


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Guess what?! We've just surpassed a quarter of a million images in our Flickr! That's more than 250,000 nature images—free to download and reuse. Explore the collection today

#Science #OpenScience #OpenAccess #OpenData #OpenSource #PublicData

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Signal / Telegram "we respect your privacy"
Also Signal / Telegram "yeah look that person whose number is in your phone but you haven't talked to in 5 years just joined S/T".
Well. Hum. 🤔

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I bumped into some great projects today..

Underlay: Open Distributed Knowledge Graphs

PubPub: Privacy-respecting All-in-one Collaborateive Publishing

And I decided to open a discussion to add #activitypub #fediverse support to the latter:

Here are the 2 projects:

Sam Klein, a great contributor to Wikipedia and also HTC member, is part of the Underlay project. Both projects are based on #linkeddata hence ideal for AP.

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*Rioting youths in Dutch village torch COVID-19 testing centre*

This (fishing) village is called #Urk. An extremely conservative Christian former island. Largest political party is the Christian fundamentalist SGP. It has a very high birth rate (cause God wants you to propagate) and a lot of young people there are attracted to far-right parties like the PVV and the FvD. As expected a lot of those people think Covid is a hoax, although they still believe in God. 🤔

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@jk You probably already know this, but it bears repeating. The free software movement started in 1980 when some guy could not use his printer the way he was used to after a software 'upgrade'. That is how long the fuckedupness of printers goes back (probably longer).

Ubuntu Budgie Desktop 😮
Nice balance of eye candy and lightweight too. running quite happily on Virtualbox so I'm enjoying this more than the host OS ;-)

This is a nice bit of work.

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